SUEY_Bot Auto Reply System


The SUEY_Bot Auto Reply System will scans LIHKG Forum for posts exhibiting signs of emotional distress or suicidal tendencies, and automatically responds with supportive messages and resources.

When such a post is identified, SUEY_Bot automatically visits the thread and leaves a message containing suicide prevention information, such as hotlines and cat GIF.


The SUEY_Bot Auto Reply System automatically checks for LIHKG admin-labeled posts discussing suicide within the forum. 


The SUEY_Bot Auto Reply System uses general keywords and combinations to filter posts in the discussion forum. Posts that meet the criteria will automatically receive a comment and provide support and resources.

Aims to provide a simple yet effective way for users to participate in suicide prevention on the LIHKG discussion forum. The features of the extension are as follows:

Quick Reply Tool: After installing the extension, a convenient shortcut will be added to the reply tool on the LIHKG forum. Users can click this shortcut to quickly insert pre-set positive messages. These messages are intended to provide encouragement, support, and hope to help those expressing thoughts of suicide.

Animated Cat Images: In addition to positive messages, the extension also offers a feature that allows users to insert animated cat images as part of their replies. Cats are widely regarded on the internet as cute and soothing elements, known for their ability to calm emotions and reduce stress. These images are intended to provide users with some emotional comfort and alleviate suicidal thoughts.

The goal of this extension is to empower users to easily publish replies filled with positive energy and provide emotional support through animated cat images. By doing so, it aims to encourage more netizens to participate in suicide prevention actions and foster a supportive online environment filled with goodwill.